OVERVIEW – NCS is committed to provide customized solutions to its clients and partners, through its well-laid departments for Finance & Accounts (F&A), IT & ITES, US Mortgage, Data Management and Health Care, with the help of professional and experienced teams to achieve desired results and help clients to focus more on business centric functions to elevate exponential growth. And the next question is…How does it help? Well, here we go….

  • Cost Effective – NCS provides all its service offerings at almost 50% of its local cost.
  • Growth at No or Little Overheads – Creating infrastructure for people, systems and other admin overheads is like a bump on head. With NCS, clients and partners focus on growth and only growth leaving all overheads on our shoulders.
  • Low on margin, High on business – NCS takes loads of all low margin tasks and sets clients and partners free to fly high to achieve business targets and growth.
  • Faster Turnaround – Sun rises in east first and undoubtedly NCS is taking this advantage of different time zones to serve US citizens, businesses and partners with the work given at the end of US day, next day morning when they wake up.
  • Legislation – US business legislations are simple to understand but at the same time demand for accurate and timely compliances at all the time. NCS makes clients’ and partners’ compliances on top of the list.