Data Migration

Migrating your bookkeeping, accounting, or tax data into the cloud or another desktop package. Moving your financial data shouldn’t be an enterprise project! For organizations that have their own IT teams to implement, but do not have the skill sets to migrate the data, NCS offers stand alone data migration services to help move your missions critical data from other accounting and ERP solutions to the Cloud
based software or another desktop package. NCS regularly works to have your data migrated to a Cloud package or another desktop package within a 3-5 days turnaround (depending on complexity and size of the job)!

What NCS Does ?

  • Provide solution for data migration
  • Streamline the process of data migration
  • Best-practice methodology and experienced professional service
  • Do effective and in a controlled environment to assure data integrity, compatibility, low downtime, and security as well as a seamless migration process